Greg Barwick, NLP Coach, Meditation, Massage, Mens Coach, Divine Masculine

Waking you up from your slumber, igniting a hunger within you and inspiring your limitless potential. Because your lover, girlfriend, wife, children, community and the world need more men, like you, rising up to own and embody their divine masculine.

Are you ready to create massive change and deep transformation?

Brother, let me show you the way.  

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You might be new to this idea of self – enquiry & transformation, but I want you to know - you are a powerful creator.

You are strong, masculine and the ‘king’ of your own kingdom – capable of a jam packed life of adventure, freedom and epic shit. Although you may not feel like that right now.  I want to help you reclaim your strength, power and boldness; as well as your softness as an empowered man.

Let’s keep this simple!

Here is my proven road map. It all starts with your inner power.



Let’s uncover your drive - your purpose. Clear the limits and interferences in your life that are keeping you playing small and powerless and address the habits and mindsets that aren’t aligned with the epic vision you have for your life; plus rebuild your confidence and self-worth as a strong, masculine man to create sustainable change in your life moving forward. 

Brother, you gotta go deep within on this journey too! It is here through meditation you will reduce stress, worry and anxiety; create an increased self-awareness and rest and revitalise the mind and soul as well as increase your productivity, passion and power. Your strength is in your softness just as much as it is in your power. 

I take a holistic approach to the body, releasing tension, stress and strain through massage and Reiki. By introducing the element of body work we are able to work together to shift any residual energetic and physical blockages still present after our work on the mind and soul that may be keeping you stuck and not moving forward with purpose.


Power UP Meditations 

Presence and Strength = your superpower

Connect in with your limitless potential, access deeper levels of understanding and learn to work from an operating system of love.

Discover balance, stillness and an upgraded level of productivity, purpose and power with my Power UP meditations.

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Dude, I know you have big visions for your life!

I know your dreams have been bottling up for a while now, but have been pushed back down with responsibility, pressure, worry and providing for yourself or your family. But, I know they can become a reality, your reality! It all starts with connecting back into your inner power!

Hey, I am Greg! I am a NLP practitioner, purpose coach, massage therapist, meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner.

I’ve got your back, brother.

Greg Barwick, NLP Coach, Meditation, Massage, Mens Coach, Divine Masculine
Greg Barwick, NLP Coach, Meditation, Massage, Mens Coach, Divine Masculine

You aren’t here to suffer! Or feel depressed, anxious, uninspired and living a life and mission that doesn’t ignite a fire in your belly. 

Let’s re-wire your brain, clear out old, warned out ways of thinking and being, create well-formed goals and open your mind up to the best version of your life possible – one filled with sexual chemistry, more abundance and opportunity and a mission that gets you out of bed, everyday.

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You will hear me reference the Divine Masculine – my work is fuelled by the embodiment of our masculinity – knowing our inner power. In society we know an ego based, controlling energy that is considered man or male. This ‘jerk’ model that society have labelled men with is not even 1% of what the Divine Masculine is.

To embody the Divine Masculine I speak of is to: bring all the energy we have stuck in our heads, back to our hearts.

Greg Barwick, NLP Coach, Meditation, Massage, Mens Coach, Divine Masculine